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Aus Gold Software

Aus Gold Software is a  Point of Sale Dealer with 35 years' experience in the Industry.

Aus Gold Software is a full featured  Point of Sale Software package that allows a range of reports on sales and financial information to be extracted providing up to date information at any time. Aus Gold Software is designed in such a way to be used to provide detailed and in depth information or just simple basic reporting. 

Also the set up can be done as a very simple basic system or used as a full blown in depth package utilizing the many advanced and unique features available. The flexibility of the program allows you to use the full package or just the features you specifically require.

The Aus Gold Software is very easy to use and by using the Point of Sales Screens as well as Stock Control Features with Purchase Orders, a large portion of your accounting is already completed.

The Modules

  • The ability to link to Office Computer for data Entry or use as Stand alone
  • Debtors with full invoicing ability at both Point of Sale and back Office
  • Creditors allowing linking of Stock items as well as Sundry Supplies ect.
  • Stock Control with ability to sell as Units, Packs, Cartons or as measured items such as Nips or Pots Schooners ect.
  • Ability to run Stock at separate locations as well as remote locations
  • Ability to set minimum and maximum Stock Levels and produce Automatic Purchase Orders by supplier or just add items to a purchase order
  • Ability to post saved Purchase Order into stock and update Stock Levels instantly
  • Multiple printers to allow items to be printed on separate printers such as meals on Kitchen Printers, Drinks on Bar Printers in Restaurants ect.
  • Full Stock Take Reportas well as Valuations Reports


  • Multiple groups per Stock Item as well as ability to have several Suppliers for the same Stock Item or multiple barcodes for the same item as well as multiple prices for different touch Screens or customers 
  • Happy Hour with the ability to have multiple items set as the same or different times on specific or all touch Screen Terminals
  • Specials with ability to sell at specific prices on separate or all Touch Screen Terminals
  • Bundles with the ability to set a number of items at a specific price or to sell an item at a specific price after a quantity purchased
  • Mixes with the ability to take portions out of bottles or casks or cartons and create new product
  • Clerk Log On Security with the ability to control Clerk Operations or no control allows all users the ability to use terminal
  • Several $ Discount and % Discount keys with the ability to name such as Pensioner Discount or Bowls Discount as well as several Surcharge Keys both $ and % for adding charges
  • Huge range of Reports allowing precise and easy access to Sales Analysis, Financial Reports, Clerk Sales, Valuation of Stock, GP and Margin Reports, best and Worst sold Items, as well as a host of other reports


Aus Gold Software is a fully integrated Point of Sale Package that is designed to be easy to Install, with the ability to add and change items easily and quickly as well as provide full reporting and up to date information at any time

We asked many Retailers what they needed and looked at what was available and the conclusion we came to and were told by many customers the 2 main areas of concern with Point of Sale Software was that either the system was very basic and did not provide enough data in reports as required or the programs that did provide adequate reporting required long drawn out input of data where even to add a simple item was time consuming and difficult. 

At Aus Gold Software we believe you need the right Data on Sales and Stock but you don't want to be a slave to the system, so our all new package aims to provide both full and detailed information and reporting as well as keeping the input to a minimum