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About Aus Gold Software

The first Aus Gold Software package was developed in late 90s and was linked to Cash Registers for Stock Control as well as Daily Weekly Yearly sales analysis etc.

Over past 6 years we have written a brand new package which uses the latest state of art Touch Screen Terminals such as IBM and Mapletouch.  The new Aus Gold Software allows fast sales of items through Point of Sale Screens as well as many advanced features not used in other packages.  

Aus Gold Software is very easy to use as well as set up and maintain, allowing easy adding or editing of items without complex time consuming tasks. All equipment we use is Top of the Range being IBM or Mapletouch our machines provide long term high performance as well as being cost effective.

Aus Gold Software has a number of Reports such as Sales Analysis by Group or Item as well as being selectable by Date or Machine or Location. Many options allow specific tasks to be handled with both ease and speed to provide up to date information. Specials, Happy Hours, Bundles, Mixes, Debtor Invoicing, Stock Control, Reordering as well as a host of other features are available.

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